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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Coming up . . .

I went to see Magic Moments' All This and World War II last night in Littleton, Colorado which is always a fun and unique experience. The show closes this afternoon, so I won't tease you by making a lengthy recommendation of a show that, if you haven't already, you probably won't get to see. I will add a link, though, for the Magic Moments web site, so that you can check out what this company is all about and get plenty of advance notice for next year's production.
What I can offer you is a little bit of advance notice about where some of the Magic Moments performers will be performing in the near future as I managed to corner a few of them after the show.
You can look for the strikingly beautiful and talented Michelle Merz as Martha Jefferson in Town Hall Arts Center's upcoming 1776 with fellow MM performer Ken Paul as Richard Henry Lee. Ken's wife, Michelle Paul (who is so lovely and amazing one almost suspects something Faustian on Ken's part), will be performing in Do I Hear a Waltz? coming soon to the Arvada Center.
Finally, even though auditions have not been held yet, one would be surprised not to find the distinctive Don Mauck, the congenial Alex Marin, the lovely Lucy Roucis, and the adorable Regan Linton among the cast of PHAMALy's Urinetown this summer at the Denver Center.

Now, like I've said before, I'm reluctant to recommend a show without first having seen it myself, but I have no trepidation whatsoever about recommending the above performers as hard-working and reliably enjoyable.

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