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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Music: Hada to Hada

Pike - Hada to Hada

I will sometimes go to the "dollar bins" at music stores (both on-line and off) and buy CDs from bands I've never heard of before in order to expose myself to fresh and different sounds. Often, I don't get my money's worth. However, about a year or so ago, I picked up a compilation album of new celtic rock from's dollar bin. On that album were two songs by an Irish band called Hada to Hada. Frontman Kieran Duddy's gravelly growl evokes Tom Waits or Robbie Robertson, and the combination of traditional instruments and synthesizers create a unique and soulful sound on the two tracks, "The Oceanographer," and "Pike."
I immediately set about finding the album from which these two songs were sampled, also called Pike. I couldn't. For months, I couldn't order it, I couldn't find anyone to order it, I couldn't find it new or used, and nobody had heard of this band.
Eventually, I found the album used on after months of searching the site to no avail. Now, I've got it, and it was every bit worth the effort. The songwriting is inspired and haunting, and I must say, I'm surprised that this band is not more widely known.
I also found out that Hada to Hada has at least one more album, called My German Lover.
Here we go again . . .

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CLAI said...

If you want more copies of either Pike or My German Lover' you should contact Claddagh Records, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Best regards. Kieran Duddy