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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rough Month

You may have noticed that I've been a bit scarce here in cyberspace of late. There are a number of factors. Primarily, I'm attending school full time and working full time. I decided to go back and pursue that highly overvalued (and overpriced) piece of paper that says that I am an educated individual. (Because you all know what an uninformed dolt I am without it.) Yes, that's right. I compromised my principles and am now attending an institute of "higher learning" that currently values my attendance over my education. Oy.
So, not only am I not finding a lot of time to blog, I am also not finding a lot of time to go out and see shows to blog about, either.
Another factor is that I am presently feeling a bit foolish. As I mentioned in earlier blogs, I have begun to promote shows here that I have not seen yet. For me, that has presented a risky proposition. If I write here about a show that I liked, then you see it and don't like it, I'm okay with it. I have no problem with you being wrong. If, however, I write about a show that I haven't seen yet, and it turns out to be, well, let's just say "below standard," then I feel that is a reflection upon my reputation. (Which, admittedly, isn't presently what it once was or what it will soon be again.)
This month, that has happened a couple of times at least, and, frankly, it's starting to tick me off.
Still, I want to promote Denver-area theatre as much as I can, and, since so many shows have limited runs, advance recommendations seem to be about the only way to get the word out on these productions.
What to do? What to do?
I don't want to have to add the caveat, "I haven't seen it yet, so don't blame me if it blows," to every advanced recommendation that I make, but I also don't want to steer you wrong. It's bad enough when I waste money on a bad show. I hate for you to as well.
I'll have to ponder this one for a bit longer, I'm afraid.
In the meantime, look at this:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At the Movies: Superbad

Those of you who know me apart from this blog know that I have a pretty full schedule these days between school and work, so I don't find that I have a whole lot of time for doing other things like maintaining my blog (sorry, I'll make it up to you all, I promise) and getting out to see theatre or movies.
The one film that I have seen in the last few weeks is one that I had been anticipating for some time:


At first glance, this film is your basic raunchy teenage sex comedy, but, I've got to tell you, this one runs just a little bit deeper. You'd never guess it from the sophomoric language and crude humor, but this is a quest story.
Our three "knights" are Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan (the brilliant Michael Cera from Arrested Development), and Fogell (newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse). Their "grail" is, well, it's a teenage sex comedy, so you figure it out, but it means something different to each of them. Along the way, the bond of male friendship, sacrifice, and the fear of the unknown are explored in a way very much unlike anything I've ever seen. Mostly this is because I was so busy laughing at the absurd hi jinks of this film that the deeper themes did not begin to resonate with me until much later.
I'm a little reluctant to give a blanket recommendation in this movie because the language is so coarse and provocative and the storyline is so raunchy. Still, if you can get past that (and I recommend at least trying to do so) this is a really terrific and clever film.

I want to apologize again that my blogging has diminished slightly (sounds like a medical problem, doesn't it?), but I'm getting my schedule worked out a little better, so I hope to have some more fun stuff to blog about very soon.
Also, I'm working on a little surprise for you all. You're gonna love it, trust me.
Thanks, my faithful cherubs.
I will have more for you very soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

No Better Tribute

No, this is not a 9/11 tribute, technically. This is an earlier performance from a sporting event. Still, on this sixth anniversary of the terrible tragedy that occurred on American soil, I can think of no better tribute to the fallen and to the heroes than our own national anthem, and I can think of no one better to sing it than Kristin Chenoweth.
Set your work aside for a moment, turn up your speakers, and just . . . listen.

Anna Fuerstenberg

I met a remarkable artist and theatre professional this weekend.
Anna Fuerstenberg, a woman who has worked in the theatre industry since elementary school is visiting Metropolitan State College of Denver as a guest artist this summer. In addition to directing her own adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities (which is opening in October and is sizing up to be one of the most unique and innovative productions in Denver this year), Ms. Fuerstenberg will be performing her own one-woman show, Saidye's Millenium: The 150 year-old oracle from 2057 A.D. on Saturday night for one performance only.
Here's the press from Metro:

Playwright/actress to serve as guest artist, perform one-woman show

Noted playwright and actress Anna Fuerstenberg will be visiting Metro State for one month to perform her one-woman show and work with the students in three theatre courses. She will also direct her adaptation of “A Tale of Two Cities,” the Theatre program’s first production of the fall semester.

Born in a refugee camp outside Stuttgart, Germany, Fuerstenberg came to Montreal, Canada as a child. When she won a scholarship to the Montreal Repertory Theatre School, her life’s work began. Fuerstenberg’s plays and film scripts have been produced in Canada and abroad and she has directed theatre in several languages and on several continents.

Her one-woman show, “Saidye’s Millenium,” is a 150-year-old Yiddish woman’s humorous perspective and insight about her life experiences on planet Earth.

The performance is set for Sept. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the King Center Recital Hall. A public reception will follow. General admission tickets are $5 and free to Metro State students with valid ID. For reservations call 303-556-2296

Piglets, this is an opportunity. After ten minutes of listening to this woman tell about her experiences, I was completely re-vitalized in my affection for the art of live theatre. (Fortunately, I got to hang out with her for another ninety-or-so minutes after that as well.)
Whether you're a veteran of this business, a theatre aficionado, or an aspiring young thespian, I think that this will be an evening well-spent.
This show is not to be missed. That's "ntbm" for you text-happy youngsters. OMG! (lol.)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hungry Like The Wolf: Erin's Gourmet Sandwiches

I'm always up for trying a new sandwich place for lunch, and I found a great one earlier this week in Erin's Gourmet Sandwiches located in the Republic Plaza Food Court on the 16th Street Mall. (Basically 16th and Tremont.)
Erin's is the first Irish sandwich shop in Colorado, and it was started by three honest-to-goodness Irish guys. John Costelloe joined forces with Celtic Tavern partners Noel Hickey and Terry Brennan to bring this unique endeavor to the Mile High City.
According to Costello quoted here from The Celtic Connection), "The difference between an Irish sandwich and an American sandwich is the bread and filling. Much of the sandwich in America is bread, where in Ireland the emphasis is on the filling."
I myself recommend the Brennan's Chicken Salad sandwich. The chipotle mayo gives it a kick worthy of the high-steppin' Michael Flatley.
Of course, you can build your own sandwich from Erin's fresh ingredients, some of which -- the cheese, specifically -- is imported directly from Ireland.
Cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches ("Toasties") and wraps make this a sandwich shop to please just about everybody.
When it comes to spending your hard-earned dollars, buying local should be high on your list, and Erin's Gourmet Snadwiches makes that decision a real no-brainer.