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Saturday, August 9, 2008

"There's Still Hope For Dreams" Preview Cancellation

Hey, quick update people: the August 13th preview for "There's Still Hope for Dreams" has been cancelled. It was a tough decision for director/producer Mark Dissette to have to make, but -- well, why don't I just let him to tell you himself:

Dear PHAMALY friends, crew, cast and volunteers. I am very sad to let you know that I have to cancel the showing of "There's Still hope for dreams...A PHAMALY Story" planned for Wednesday, August 13th. I did not do my homework on this showing and I have found out that if there is any public viewing the film will be taken out of contention for many festivals and awards that we are hoping for, including the Oscar. I have also been informed by my Executive Producer that several distribution possibilities will be eliminated as well. While the cancellation is embarrassing and disappointing to me, my crew and PHAMALY, I know that you want the best for the documentary and hope that you will understand. I desperately wish to show this film to all of you and let you see how wonderfully it has turned out, but that wish clouded my judgment and I now have to admit my mistake and ask for your understanding in cancelling the showing.

Again, my sincere and humble apologies,

Mark Dissette

I say, "No worries, Mark."

That makes perfect sense. By showing it early to all of us here who already know and admire PHAMALy, he'd be cutting out the rest of the world from learning about this amazing and unique company. The little bits I've seen and heard about this film hold the potential to educate, enlighten, and enliven the worlds of people around the globe who live with disabilities, or, for that matter, anyone with a dream that has been deferred for one reason or another.

Given that possibility, I think we can afford to wait and see this film with everyone else, don't you? Besides, PHAMALy is right here in our town, and they've got some great stuff coming up that we can all see live and in person.

Oh, and don't let's forget about Kathleen Traylor, for whom next Wednesday's preview would have been a fundraiser. PHAMALy Executive Director Melanie Mayner has come through with another solution for you to help Kathleen with some of her recent medical expenses:

If you still would like to make a donation to help out Kathleen Traylor, please make the check payable to her & send it care of PHAMALY P.O. Box 44216 Denver, CO 80201-4216. We’ll make sure she gets your donation.

Melanie Mayner

Okay, folks, that about covers it.

Good luck to Mark and his team in bringing the PHAMALy story to an international audience, and get well soon, Kathleen!

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