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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Einstein's World

As my Twitter followers (both of them) know, I have had a long-standing crush on beautiful comedienne Bonnie Hunt, so I am grateful to the powers that be for making my bonnie Bonnie available to me five days a week on the Bonnie Hunt Show.
Earlier this week, Bonnie had another of my favorite people on the show: Dr. Wayne Dyer. (I don't have a crush on Wayne, though. Well, maybe a little. I like his deep voice.)
Anyway, Dr. Dyer mentioned something that Albert Einstein had said in an interview once: that we have to choose whether we live in a friendly world or an unfriendly world, and it's up to us.
To further elaborate, if we decide that the world we live in is an unfriendly one, then we will be suspicious, competitive, and jealous. We will decide that everyone is out for themselves and that life is a struggle. On the other hand, if we decide that the world we live in is friendly, we will look out for our fellow man and trust that they will do the same for us.
That thought has resonated with me for the last couple of days, and I had a bit of an epiphanic moment this evening when I went to the corner gas station - a Jenny's Market.
On the counter were flyers and an opportunity to donate to an organization called Kids Mobility Network that provides wheelchairs to kids without insurance.
Diamond Shamrock stores have a similar flyer for MDA (I think). When I bought Adelaide her special cat food at PetSmart, I was able to donate to homeless pets just by tapping the button on the credit card screen.
In an unfriendly world, these would seem like opportunistic and exploitive plots by these companies to appear philanthropic in order to garner more of your business.
In a friendly world, these companies are using their customer traffic (generated by their own marketing and advertising dollars) to spread the word and generate some funds for some very worthy causes.
I think I prefer to live in the friendly world. Thank you, Albert. And thank you, Wayne.
And Bonnie: text me. Seriously.
Kids Mobility Network, cherubs. Check them out. This is important.


John Moore said...

OK, I can't stand idly by anymore. Yes, it's time for me to call out this so-called "Big Bad Wolf." Yes, I'm drawing back the curtain and revealing the self-described rabble-rousing cantankerous Brady Darnell to be nothing less than ... a cuddly puppy.

Yes, folks, it's true. Brady Darnell already lives in a "friendly world," despite his protestations to the contrary.

Exhibit A: Phone call I received from Mary McGroary. Her question: "Who is Brady Darnell?"

You remember Mary, the BDT actor who lost everything, including her dog, to a flash flood at her apartment. I put out a blog about it. Mary was working the day it came out. She comes home to discover through a friend that some guy named Brady had been there all day, in the muddy muckety muck, cleaning, salvaging and hauling items from the apartment of this woman who was, to him ... a total stranger.

How many of us who KNOW Mary did that? I, for one, did not.

Sorry to blow your cover, Wolfie ... But the world needs to know the man behind the mask, hahah.

Brady Darnell said...

John: I don't call YOU names.

John Moore said...

CUDDLY PUPPY! There, I did it again ... Hah!