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Monday, August 3, 2009

Littleton High School: Please Educate Me

Dear Littleton High School:

I consider myself a knowledgeable man. I read. I watch the Discovery Channel. I have always thought of myself as a reasonably intelligent fellow. Show me how to do something seventeen, eighteen times, and I've got it.
However, I am shattered to find that I am not as smart as I thought.
It has been brought to my attention recently that you, Littleton High School, have decided not to continue to rent your facility to Magic Moments, Inc., the arts organization that has for twenty-six years (a great many of those in your facility) been a creative outlet for, a financial contributor to, and a great celebrator of the disabled community here in the Denver area.
As I understand it, the creative minds behind the years of wonderful Magical Moments musical productions are now also having to devote a lot of that creativity toward locating a new facility that can manage their large, highly inclusive casts -- many of whom have very specific accessibility needs. As far as I'm aware, they are still looking.
I'm afraid that you may just have to keep me after class on this subject, because I'll tell you this: as hard as I try, I just can't seem to make the math add up.
Now, before you slap my hand with the ruler and make me sit in the corner with the dunce cap on my head, let me just walk through my steps, so we can see where I went awry.
Magic Moments has been renting your theatre facility for the better part of two decades; putting on shows that entertain, inspire, and educate; providing opportunities for individuals with physical and developmental abilities to be involved and frequently showcased in the performing arts; playing to full houses of enthusiastic and appreciative audience; all the while raising much-needed funds to support the disabled community of the greater Denver area.
During this time, Littleton High School has also had a thriving and much-respected performing arts program that certainly does not appear to have been too greatly hampered by the sharing of the space with Magic Moments.
This part I get. A+B =C, where C is a small community of artists working harmoniously together for the greater good.
However, I do not understand this new equation wherein by adding "X", Magic Moments is subtracted from the whole.
There are a number of possible solutions for "X," but I'm not sure that I like any of them very much.
For example, "X" could equal your not thinking that Magic Moments puts on a very good show. Surely you don't think that. Boasting performers and artists of such talent as Lucy Roucis, Leonard Barrett, Regan Linton, Michelle Merz-Hutchison, Anita Boland, and many others, Magic Moments has been the hottest ticket in town every spring since I've lived in Denver.
"X" could also equal the position that Magic Moments isn't very important. Again, though, that doesn't fit, because even a dunce like me can see that Magic Moments has an enormous impact in the lives of its performers, its audience, and the recipients of the funds that they raise every year.
There are other possibilities for "X" that seem to include things like greed or inconvenience or prejudice, but they aren't even worth mentioning. It couldn't possibly be any of those, now, could it?
In fact, the only solution for "X" that seems to make any sense at all seems highly implausible. Can it be that you have found an even better use for your facility? Is it truly possible that you, Littleton High School, are embarking upon a project so grand, so broad, so inclusive, and so philanthropic that it will make the contribution of Magic Moments to this community every year seem utterly meager? Well, that certainly sounds exciting. I, for one, cannot wait to see what you have to present in March of 2010. I'm almost giddy.
Still, the difficulty that I have had in arriving at the solution to this little story problem suggests to me that perhaps I need some extra help. Perhaps the creation of a remedial course is in order for people like me who just don't get it. I promise to take very good notes.
In fact, I think that there may be many in this community who could benefit from such a course. I think that there are a great many people who may need some help in following your logic on this. I will encourage them to contact you to get signed up for this enlightening little seminar.
I just hope that we can find a facility large enough to support it.

Huffs and Puffs,

The Big Bad Wolf


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