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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guid Eats: Argyll

As a direct descendant of famed poet Robert Burns and a member of the Clan Campbell, I tend to prick up my ears at all things Scottish.
So when I saw a tartan-backed ad for the fine gastropub Argyll in Cherry Creek, I made a note to drop in as soon as I could, and drop in I did this past Sunday for a bit of lunch with my mother.
Now I could go on about the friendly waitstaff or the attentive service or even recommend that, if weather permits, you should take advantage of the sunny patio, but I thin I'd best coorie up and tell you about the food.
From their brunch menu (over which I pondered quite a while - so many appetizing choices) I selected the Short Rib Hash: pulled short rib, Gruyere cheese, great northern white beans, potato & carrot hash with two poached eggs. Not your everyday pub food, now is it? That is the distinguishing factor of a gastropub: fine dining within a pub atmosphere (and at a pretty fair bargain as well).
And, did I like it? Well, you know how this works, friends. If I bother to write about it, I must have liked it a lot. In my opinion, Argyll is the stang o the trump.
The portions are large enough that my mother needed me to finish her entree: the award-winning Argyll MacCheese, mini-rigatoni with white cheddar b├ęchamel, Yorkshire bacon, peas, truffled breadcrumbs, with langoustines (very small Norwegian lobsters).
I was fortunate enough to be able to sample two of the fine entrees from their brunch menu, but was left too full for dessert.
Ah, but keep the heid! my little cherubs, I will be going back. I can't wait to try their dinner menu, and I'm planning to save room for dessert the next time. If I enjoy dinner as much as I enjoyed brunch, you just might see me mention it again here.
Until next time, carry this bit of Scottish wisdom with you:
It's guid ti hae yir cog out whan it rains kail.


Anonymous said...

Right On, Sergio!

Lauren said...

I came across your blog randomly. As it happens, my boyfriend and I ate there for dinner last night. We shared the House Brined Pickles w/ Dill & Chilis and the Rabbit Rilettes (from the home made charcuterie menu.)Both were amazing! The rilettes was so delicate. Truly A masterpiece. Then for dinner, my boyfriend had the Vennison with some sort of mornay-like sauce and a roasted tomato. I had the CO Lamb Cassoulet (Housemade Spicy Lamb Sausage, Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Chops, Beans, Veal Jus, Pearl Onions, Parm Reggiano.)Both were cooked to perfection! Mine was so rich and delicious that I already want more! Their dessert Menu looked amazing as well, but we were too full to endulge! I fully agree that this place is one of a kind, and feel like it may becoming one of my very favorite restaurants in Colorado. =)Happy dining!
~New Argyll Enthusiast