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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happiness Is a Blueberry Donut

My dad turned me on to the beautiful simplicity of the blueberry donut when I was a kid, and, while I may occasionally venture toward something chocolate-covered or jelly-filled, I eventually pick up one (or two) of these cakey treats. I think that they even count as part of the fruit group. Well, that's what I choose to believe.
The one that I am enjoying this morning is from my favorite little donut shop in town: Walton Donuts.
I'm not the only one who thinks so. Walton Donuts was ranked #1 in a Simpson's-inspired readers poll in the Denver Post a couple of years ago. (I don't know if anyone's conducted one since, but I don't see Walton losing any ground if they did.)
Now, it's not just the great donuts that draws me to Walton Donuts, though that would certainly be enough. They are also family owned and operated. Take note: despite the potential loss of church-going donut buyers, Walton Donuts thus far remains closed on Sundays. That is their family's day. I think that's kinda nice, don't you?
Now, if you're still not sold, I'd just like to add that Walton Donuts recently became a purveyor of Colorado's own Peaberry Coffee - the whole family is now barista-trained.
A bear claw and an espresso - now there's a rush to get you through rush hour.

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