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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magic Moments Still Homeless (So It's Up To Us)

You may recall my open letter to Littleton High School in early August regarding the "eviction" of Magic Moments from their facility. (You know I'm angry when I resort to sarcasm.) Well, according to John Moore's latest column in the Denver Post, Magic Moments is still without a home.
This cannot stand.
Magic Moments, in addition to being a long-running Front Range tradition, is a force for good. Opportunities are provided, funds are raised, lives are touched every single year by this company.
Now, I'm going to stop myself from going on a tirade here and reflect upon the lesson I wrote about in yesterday's blog entry.
I am going to choose to believe that we live in a friendly world. Magic Moments itself is proof enough of that. I am going to choose to believe that enough people care about this organization and the magic moments that they provide for this community that action will be taken. Letters will be written. Phone calls will be made. I choose to believe that - even if Littleton High School cannot be persuaded to be a little less selfish with their building - another facility will happily open its doors to take part in the triumphant tradition of this company.
Magic Moments has done so much for this community.
It's our turn to do something for them.
Don't you agree?

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Maggie Stillman said...

Brady, can you send me some more specifics on what Magic Moments is looking for in terms of space etc... and I will see what I can do to help?