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Monday, December 14, 2009

Three Years of Huffing and Puffing

On December 14, 2006, on the advice of friends, I took to the web with my rather outspoken opinions and (as described by others) my moderately bizarre sense of humor. (Okay, I added the "moderately.")
Over the last three years, I hope that I have had some effect upon my readers. I know I have made some angry (maybe more than "some"), but I hope, too, that I have posed a few questions that gave pause regarding the present and future state of theatre in Denver. I hope that a few tickets were sold to underrated productions at my recommendation. I hope that a few organizations -- theatrical and otherwise -- have benefitted from my mentioning them here (and, more recently, on Twitter as well.)
I still wonder at times (frequently, to be sure) if I'm actually doing any good. These feelings are compounded every time I have to comb through and delete the many spamming comments here, but I would rather leave commentary unrestricted, so I put up with it.
Someone once told me that you can tell how solid your arguments are by the amount of hate mail you receive. To that end, it would seem that my arguments are quite solid. Someone else told me you can tell how right you are by the degree of invective they contain.
That doesn't necessarily make them any easier to read.
Still, I do what I do because I hope to affect a change, not only in the way that theatre is presented, but in the way that it will grow and adapt in the rapidly changing world of performance art.
So, piglets, I thank you for reading, and I offer you my assurance that I will continue to blow away at the houses of "straw" and "wood" that we may ensure the future of theatre is one of mortar and brick.
For the time being, at least.
Thank you.


epd said...

Hey Brady: Keep on huffing and puffing! Thank goodness you care enough to do so. :-)

cgeye said...


BETC said...

Keep up the good work! It's important to have independent voices out there. We appreciate what you do!

Kendall said...

Keep it up and don't hold the punches! You are very much appreciated here!