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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back to the Future

I'm often wary of recommending shows that I haven't yet seen, but, since my schedule sometimes precludes my being able to see a show at its opening, I will sometimes list what I think are "safe bets" based upon past experiences. This way, I can spread the word about a show even before I manage to get there myself (if I get there at all.)
Still, this practice has the potential to bite this bad wolf in his big bushy tail.
Luckily, like Music For a Sparkling Planet's Tamara Tomorrow, I have a pretty good skill for prediction.
I saw tonight that I had definitely picked a winner with Firehouse's latest offering under the deft direction of Bernie Cardell featuring his band of usual suspects Gene Kato, Andy Anderson, Joel Sutliffe, Robert Payo, and the ever-talented and always-delightful Jessica Clare.
This is really a beautiful and funny story, and I cannot imagine it being handled any better than it was among these artists.
There are just four more performances, and I could not recommend it more emphatically , piglets, if I came over to your house and huffed and puffed. (Which I just might do.)
Get your chinny-chin-chins out to see this one.

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