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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Side Show Cast List

I nearly forgot that I told the MySpacers I would post the cast list for PHAMALy's upcoming production of Side Show. Here it is:

Violet HiltonRegan Linton
Daisy HiltonJenna Bainbridge
Terry ConnorNick Ortiz Trammell
Buddy FosterMark Dissette
JakeLeonard Barrett
The Boss 1Don Mauck
The Boss 2Stephen Hahn
Reptile ManJason Dorwart
Bearded LadyLinda Wirth
Snake LadyAmber Marsh
Fortune TellerKathleen Traylor
GeekMatt MacCarthy
FakirGregg Vigil
SheikKevin Pettit
6th ExhibitMimi Holmes
Dolly DimplesLeslie Reid
Harem Girl 1Katrina Weber
Harem Girl 2Samantha Barrasso
Attraction 1Edward Blackshere
Attraction 2Molly Nash
Attraction 3Donna Gunnison
Attraction 4Angie Aguilar
Attraction 5Sean McGee
Attraction 6Michael Danahey
Roustabout 1 / BrowningDavid Wright
Roustabout 2Maggie Gibson
Roustabout 3Alex Marin
Roustabout 4Julie Melton
Roustabout 5Troy Willis
Roustabout 6Lucy Roucis
Roustabout 7Teri Westerman
Roustabout 8Don Gabenski
Roustabout 9Briana Berthiaume

Congratulations to one and all. It looks to be a good show. Tickets go on sale April 11th.
I'm sorry I didn't get it posted sooner, I've just been a bit busy lately.
So busy, in fact, that I haven't had a chance to get over to The John Hand Theatre to see Hunger Artists production of Neil Labute's Shape of Things.
I'm hearing lots of good about this, and, with my friend Stacey Nelms in the cast, I would expect nothing less. It runs through March 29th. Here's the link for the info.

And here are Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner (the original Daisy and Violet Hilton from the Broadway production of Side Show):

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