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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Falsettos in Denver

I do wish that I had more time for the prose that I sometimes write here. I haven't ticked anyone off in so long, I'm jonesing a bit. (I did get a hate-filled text message the other day, so I guess that's something.)
Anyway, I did find time to make it to see Next Stage's Falsettos at the new Aurora Fox Studio Theatre, and I wanted to make sure I put it on my recommended list for you all. It's a terrific show, even if the space itself could use some work, which John Moore details in his review here.
Now, in linking to to John's review, I'm not saying that I wholly agree with it. I believe I liked the show more than he did, and I believe that you will, too. John does bring up some points about sound and sight line issues, though, that I think are valid and that I hope will be addressed by the Fox for future productions.
Back to the show, however, I must confess that Falsettos is one of those shows that has sort of been "under my radar." I sort of knew it was about a family man who comes out of the closet, but that was about it. However, more research was warranted after two of my close Denver friends garnered the lead roles: Tyler Collins as Marvin and Janelle Christie as Trina.
If you want to find out more about the background and history of the show, here's a useful link.
It probably should have been employed by the young woman who sat behind me before she bought her ticket. Her audible "Ewww" at the first on-stage kiss between Marvin and his male lover and her inappropriate snickering through the final scene suggest that she was expecting a choir concert in head voice, rather than a poignant and moving examination of the nature and variety of love.
Still, it probably did her some good. Even as I heard her proselytizing to her friends on the way out the door about "sins against God," I believe that, on some level, she was challenged by the piece, and we could all afford to be challenged more often. (Are you listening Denver theatre producers? Are you?)
Kudos to Next Stage on their challenging and highly entertaining production. Don't miss it.

By the way, are you familiar with The Trevor Project?

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actorswithoutshoes said...

thank you so much for your support, brady! it was great to see you again!