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Friday, June 27, 2008

Burn the Shoes and Boil the Rice

I wasn't planning to write anything about Company. I knew it would be good. I knew you all (in the area) would know that, too.
How could it not be? With Joel Sutliffe as Robert, and a "supporting cast" that includes Megan Van De Hey, Janelle Christie, Keegan Flaugh, Reece Livingstone, Daniel Langhoff and a host of others who represent some of the Denver area's best talent, this had the potential to be one of the best musicals produced in Denver this season.
But, again, I figured you'd already know that. Plus, I'll admit that I was just a little concerned that Bob Wells, a great comic director, might approach the comedy scenes with a slightly heavier hand than necessary, and I wanted to see it before I gave it my heart-felt recommendation. I've made a practice of occasionally recommending shows sight unseen, but lately, I've been about fifty-fifty on those predictions. (For the record, I think the comedy was handle quite well, for the most part, and, since the audience was laughing their heads off throughout, what the hell do I know?)
Due to my work on some other projects, which, come to think of it . . . I probably should have mentioned here, shouldn't I? Oh well. Next time I will remember to promote myself, too.
Anyway, due to my work on other projects, I knew that I probably wouldn't even see Company until its closing weekend, and, at that point, you'd have already seen all of the favorable write-ups in the papers or been exposed to the attractively-designed posters that Town Hall had posted up around town.
I figured what more could one more sardonic voice in cyberspace add to the promotion of the show?
Well, we're going to find out.
Here's the deal: if you do not get yourself to see Amanda Earls as Amy performing "I'm Not Getting Married Today" you will have missed perhaps the single greatest musical comedy performance of the year.
Megan Van De Hey, Joel Sutliffe, Janelle Christie and the rest of the talented cast bring everything you would expect them to bring to the table and more. And as a side note, this is my favorite performance that I have seen from Brian Murray, probably one of the hardest-working men in Denver theatre.
So, that's my two cents' worth in there now. Go see Company at Town Hall Arts Center.
And while you're at it, why not round out the weekend by seeing 4 Days in Bed over at the Crossroads and PHAMALy's Side Show downtown at the DCPA. All three of these shows close this weekend, and you will regret not seeing them.
I'd go with you to see them again, but I'm headed back to the place where I grew up for a few days. I still might find some time to take in a little theatre, though:

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