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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Voice

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a new voice to the Denver Theatre Community. Angela Clemmons joins the Denver Post as a new part-time theatre critic with her review of The Denver Civic's Magdalene: Woman of Light.
I am glad to have another set of critical eyes join the dialogue that exists in Denver. I believe that criticism -- good criticism, thoughtful criticism, brave criticism -- is of vital importance to the growth of any theatre community. There are those around who tout themselves as critics but do little more than slobber favourably over every production they see. This may get them "copied and pasted" into lots of MySpace blogs and Community Theatre webpages, but it lacks any critical perspective and, I believe, does more harm than good.
Now, I make my recommendations of shows that I see, but I am not a critic myself. I don't claim to be, either. I think that is best left to John and others more removed from the inner workings of Denver Theatre. In addition to occasionally blogging, I still direct, act, and keep my hands in a few things around town behind the scenes. It feels inappropriate for me to be critical of someone else's work when I am constantly striving to improve upon my own. Though I suppose my criticism does come in some ways through my omission, but, since you all can't know all the shows I have or have not seen, I still have a little "wiggle room."
Besides, compared to me, John Moore and Lisa Bornstein are pussycats. I would be far less forgiving.
Still, the more voices, the more perspectives, the better for us all, so welcome Angela. I look forward to more from you in the near future.
Now this clip has nothing to do with anything above, but I wanted to share another favorite memory of the late Paul Newman. Incidentally, this was scene was shot (mostly) just north of Durango, CO, near where I grew up. (The camera angles make it look higher than it is.)

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