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Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea #3: A Little Wilder, Perhaps?

As in wild animals.
Here is a really great gift idea for that person on your Christmas list who is crazy about polar bears, penguins, otters, or, of course, wolves.
You can symbolically adopt just about any endangered fauna in someone else's name through either of these two organizations: Defenders of Wildlife or The World Wildlife Fund.
You can adopt at many levels, and what your recipient gets a nice little adoption package and the knowledge that their favorite critters are being given a fighting chance to be around for years to come.
For example, with a $25 Gray Wolf Adoption through Defenders of Wildlife, here's what gets sent to your gift recipient: a certificate of adoption, a photo, fact sheet about the species, and this little 8" plush wolf.

At the $50 Wolf Family Level, you get the certificate, fact sheet, photo, a kids wildlife activities book and this 17" plush.

The Wolf Pack ($75) includes everything in the above package plus a nice frame for the photo and certificate, so that your recipient can display their support of their favorite animal for one and all.

The Wolf Mom and Pup ($100) adds a little wolf cub plush to the package.

The Giant Wolf Level ($250) replaces the smaller plush with this 40" plush wolf.

Pretty cool idea, no?
World Wildlife Fund's packages are a little different, but it's pretty much the same idea.
Again, it's a chance to give a gift that really speaks to the heart of your giftee and does some good at the same time. It's sort of like saving two birds with one coin. (See what I did there? Sometimes I even impress myself.)

Here are just a few of the animals available for adoption at one or the other of these two sites:
Wolves, polar bears, snow leopards, pandas, bison, meerkats, sea turtles, vampire bats, penguins, anacondas, bald eagles, great white sharks, dolphins, and orangutans.
There's a little something for everybody.

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thanks! great gift for Barry here!