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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Henry's Analysis

I have been critical of the Henry's on this blog. I don't think that criticism has been unfounded or unfair.
I did not go to the Henry's. I decided on Sunday that my $20 for the ticket would better serve another cause.
I did monitor John Moore's updates from the Space Theatre on his iPhone, so I was able to follow what was happening.
First, I would like to offer my congratulations to all nominees and all winners. In particular I would like to congratulate Regan Linton of PHAMALY's Side Show for her Best Actress in a musical win. (Anyone who has followed this blog knows how fond I am of Miss Linton and how happy I am to see her work acknowledged.) I would also like to say "hats off" to Paul Behrhorst for Henry acknowledgement for Outstanding Stage Management. Paul is very good at what he does and demonstrates a competence that exceeds his years. (This honor was not part of the original judging process and came about as more of a "write-in" vote.)
Now for my analysis of the Henry's:

I have none.

There is not one thing that I could say here that I have not already said.
I am glad to see that the Henry's is changing their adjudication process, but, if they are still calling for citizen judges, then they appear to be about a month behind.
I have also seen nothing that suggests that the new process will be widening the geographic eligibility to the rest of Colorado. This is unfortunate, in my opinion.
As to the distribution of the honors last night, I will defer instead to one line in an e-mail from an out-of-town friend. (She had been monitoring my Tweets and Facebook updates and followed my link to John's play-by-play on his blog.)
"I thought that there were more theatre companies in Denver."

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