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Monday, June 15, 2009

And Another Thing . . .

As long as I've got a rant going, I'd just like to ask the following:

How difficult is it for some theatre companies to post cast lists on their website? With as many productions as are happening at any given time in the area, sometimes I have to choose which shows I'm going to see by the number of people in the cast who will be mad at me for missing it. I'm exaggerating (a little), but I personally find it useful to know who is in a show when I'm trying to decide if I can fit it into my schedule and where to prioritize it among the other ten shows running in a given month. Sometimes the actors send out an e-mail blast to friends and family, or post a MySpace bulletin, or even mention it in a Facebook update, but sometimes they don't.
I hate passing on a show and then finding out that someone I know (or even someone I don't know, but whose work I enjoy) was in it.
Besides, isn't the point of having a website to draw in more audience members? Some actors have a following. There are little old ladies all over the Front Range who would pay good money just to see David Ambroson play Lantern Bearer #3.
I mean, how much extra bandwidth are we talking about here? Cut and paste!
The actors have shown up, theoretically learned their lines, and are working for less than scale. Why not let them see their names on the web page? Pictures would be nice, too, but names would do.
I'm just sayin'.

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dreamwell_ali said...

You make a huge assumption that small theatre companies have competent webmasters. Not usually the case!