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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Hands That Help

. . . belong to us.
An actress working in Boulder lost her dog, Rosie, and all of her possessions in a flash flood during one of the recent Colorado thunderstorms.
You can read more here in John Moore's Running Lines blog, but the nuts and bolts are this:
Mary McGroary only has limited renter's insurance. The condo she was renting isn't covered for flood insurance. She lost everything and her expenses and liability are undetermined at this point.
She needs the help of a beneficent community. We are that community. We are the theatre community, and we take care of our own.
You can donate at PayPal to (For those of you unfamiliar with PayPal, John walks you through it in his blog.)
You can also send donations of cash and checks and/or notes of support to:

Mary McGroary
c/o Bella Colore Salon
3042 E. 6th Ave.
Denver, CO 80206

For non-cash donations or to find out when and where you might be able to offer a bit of backbone and elbow grease, please contact Mary's friend Scot Sanders at

For you pet lovers out there, you understand that Mary's financial loss in this disaster cannot even be compared to the loss of her beloved companion, Rosie.
Please do whatever you can to help Mary through this time.

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Great info, Brady...thanks for posting!