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Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Holiday Ideas

There is a great article on right now on the subject of charitable gift-giving during the holidays that I hope you all will read.
Here are a couple of the very easy suggestions for your shopping dollars to reach out and help others:, a Yahoo-powered search engine will donate to a charity you select for every search you perform using their search. You don't have to spend a dime extra to help a good cause.
GoodSearch has also created a shopping page called GoodShop that finds stores willing to donate a portion of your purchase dollars, again, toward a cause that you select. So, gifts that you were going to buy anyway can now go toward helping out your favorite charities. Easy.
Still trying to come up with gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-fors on your list? Well, swing by the Starlight Children's Foundation's Online Store and take a look at the gifts there that benefit this incredible organization.
The article has many more suggestions, so do check it out.
I'm sure that I'll keep coming up with some more suggestions myself, so keep checking back in here, too.
That is when I'm not "undermining the entire Denver theatre community." Hee hee. People are funny.

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