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Friday, March 5, 2010

Everybody, Everybody

On my latest theatrical endeavour (when there's more to tell you, I will), my potential partner has heard a lot of my favorite buzzword at the moment: inclusion.
I believe that the future of theatre depends upon expanding its inclusiveness: inclusiveness of material, inclusiveness of artists, and inclusiveness of audience.
To the goal of audience inclusion, we have been doing some research into the many different ways of making live theatre accessible to audience members who have visual, auditory, or physical accessibility issues.
Here is an interesting article in the New York Times about how the Theatre Development Fund is taking measures to increase the accessibility of Broadway stages.
It's an interesting read, and I'd be interested to get some input from you about how Denver theaters have (or have not) succeeded in increasing their accessibility to you, friends, or family members who have specific needs as audience members.

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maggie said...

Hi Brady, I really found your post interesting today. The article opened my eyes to new ideas. I think that most of the theaters in town are wheelchair accessible, but that is where it stops. I know the opera has captions because of the translations from other languages, but the cost of upgrading smaller theaters in that way is daunting. To be honest with you, and this is probably because I do not have a physical handicap, I had not thought about what to do if someone wanted to come see a show and they happened to have an impairment. All I know is that we are wheelchair accessible. Thank you for bringing this topic up and giving me something to think about. It is appreciated.