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Monday, March 29, 2010

Take This Role and. . .

This news is a few days old now, so you may have already heard, but the revival of Lips Together, Teeth Apart has been postponed due to Megan Mullally quitting just before previews citing misgivings about Patton Oswalt's ability to handle his role in the play.
Obviously, only anyone involved with the play can say whether her concerns are valid. I'm a fan of them both.
However, I do think it's more than a little unprofessional to quit a show that close to opening - particularly a production in which so much time and money is involved.
I suppose, though, that there can be circumstances in which one feels one has no choice. I've never walked on a show, but I have wanted to more times than I care to admit. In some cases, according to friends, I really should have.
So here's my question: (oh, here he goes, being all interactive again):
Have you ever quit a show? What happened? (Okay that's two questions.) I'd like to hear your stories in the comments section, and, of course, you can comment anonymously.


Randy Diamon said...

I've never quit a show once I've committed to be in it. A couple of times this has bit me in the butt as something better has come along (even before rehearsals were scheduled to start), but I figure if I say I'm going to do it, I should.

I once quit a staged reading I was scheduled to do because I was offered a role in an actual show, and the director of the reading bought me first-class tickets on his personal guilt trip. That's the closest I've come.

susan said...

Have I ever? No-have I wanted to? a few times.

Anonymous said...

Not professional, whether you are a professional or not, to quit a show you've signed up to do. The only way I would ever sanction this is if you are physically unable to due to medical reasons.

And I've never quit a show. If I accept a role, I see it through.