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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hungry Like The Wolf: Darcy's Irish Pub

Last night (and into this morning) I was caught up in the bachelor party revels for my friend, Kendall Rohach, who will soon be marrying PHAMALy performer and designer, Carol Kelly. I won't tell you where and how the evening ended, because, one, I don't want to violate any of's morality standards, and , two, what happens in south Denver stays in south Denver.
I can tell you, though, without fear of reprisal, that the evening started at one of the groom-to-be's favorite haunts, a cozy little Celtic watering-hole and eatery in the heart of the DTC called Darcy's Irish Pub and Bistro.
Now, as the designated driver of the evening, I cannot comment on the many fine beers and cocktails that Darcy's offers other than to say that my compatriots were certainly enjoying theirs poured and mixed for them by the lovely Shannin behind the bar.
Never one to pass up Irish cuisine, I ordered up a very tasty shepherd's pie made with real sirloin. Three words: Erin go bragh!
My good friend Bob Lovejoy, a devoted PHAMALy volunteer and confirmed herbivore, also found that the menu offered a bit of bia feoilseantach as well. (Vegetarian food.)
Two bites into my shepherd's pie, and I knew that I would be devoting a blog to Darcy's, so I figured that I'd better order a dessert as well. Heidi, our very attentive and beautiful server, recommended the bread pudding. I asked amiable manager, Joe, for a few extra spoons so that I could get a bit of input from my fellow party-goers. He happily obliged. However, the boys didn't have too much to say. They were too busy devouring the thing. The few bites I managed to get for myself receive my highest recommendation, but the true endorsement of Darcy's bread pudding may be that it made an entire bachelor party stop drinking for a solid two minutes. That's a powerful pudding!
I highly recommend Darcy's if you're looking for dinner and drinks in the DTC area or even if you're not in the DTC area. (It's worth the trip.)
I think I'm going to have to disagree with Citysearch's contention that Darcy's is not for kids. We were there from six to nine-thirty on a Saturday night and I saw nothing to suggest that it was inappropriate for wee bairns. I even saw a few kid-friendly items on the menu. After 9:30, what are you doing taking your kids to a pub, anyway?
Citysearch also maintains that Darcy's is not romantic. That I could see, because, as atmospheric as the little pub is, with such fair lasses as Heidi and Shannin walking about, you just might get busted for a wanderin' eye by your lady love. Eyes forward, lads. Eyes forward.
I loved Darcy's. I recommend it. I'll be going back.

By the way, PHAMALy's next production, Urinetown: The Musical, opens July 27th in the Space Theatre at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. I caught a preview at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival this morning. It's going to be fun.

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