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Monday, July 9, 2007

Onward and upward

Here I am at post #101 for 2007. (#115 since I first started it. It probably would have been cooler if I'd caught it at the actual #100.) I know some of you are a bit timid about posting comments, but have made your appreciation of this blog known to me in person or via e-mail. Well, you're welcome. And thank you for reading.
I don't know that I've changed the world in the last 100 posts (I fully intend to within the next 100), but I hope I've put a couple of butts in seats that might not have been occupied otherwise. I hope that I've had some part in getting a few "newbies" into audiences. I'd like to think a couple of restaurants have received a patron or two that they might not have otherwise. Maybe somebody saw a movie that they hadn't planned to, or avoided shelling out $10 for a movie that wasn't worth it. (Ghost Rider.)
I have been neglecting music and books of late, but I will work on that. I need to make time to read something other than all of these dry textbooks, anyway. I think musically, though, I'm going to track down some more obscure stuff for you. I'd also like to look into a few more local artists and bands, etc. (If you have suggestions, please let me know in the comments.)
I like to say here that this is "my blog, my rules," but I'd like it to be at least a little bit useful to you all out there. Oh, I'm still going to have my egocentric rants, and I'm still going to refer to you all as "piglets", "piggies", "red-hooded cherubs" and such. That's not going to change. (Big Bad Wolf. It's a theme, kiddies.)
Still, I'm open to suggestions. (I'm also open to ignoring suggestions. Depends on my mood.) If you thought that Ghost Rider was a brilliant cinematic achievement, feel free to tell me so. Then go watch The Guns of Navarone. (I won't even ask you to apologize afterward.) What I do ask is that if you disliked a local theatre production that I recommended, please don't disparage it or the cast in the comments. When it comes to local theatre, I'd like to try to keep things positive.
I will be conscious of making a distinction between shows I have seen that I recommend, and shows that I'm recommending on the basis of cast, company, content, etc., but have not yet seen.
I will also be sure to be clear about why I am recommending a show. Performance Now's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Hunger Artists' Letters To Home are about as dissimilar as two shows can be. I enjoyed them both for very different reasons, so I will endeavor to make my reasons as clear as possible.
I encourage you to use the comments section to keep me posted of upcoming events in local theatre, etc., but if you'd rather not do that, then please e-mail me at (You might want to reference "Big Bad Wolf" or "theatre blog" in the subject line, so I don't mistake you for spam.)
So, onward and upward. Keep reading, keep supporting local theatre wherever you are, and feel free to drop me a line from time to time.
See you here next time, my little bacon bits. (Ooh, I like that one!)

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Anonymous said...

I sure do like reading this blog - congratulations on post 101.

And . . . since you've opened up the door by welcoming info on local theater hapenings. . . I'll throw in a shameless plug for "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" now playing at the Avenue Theater (through August 18). I'd love to share this one with you Mr. B. B. Wolf - not to mention anyone else who happens to read your posts.

Keep up the good work, I'll continue reading for sure!