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Friday, July 6, 2007

"It's definitely locked."

It's a big summer for Ray Cooney here in Denver. Spotlight Theatre Company is producing both Cooney's Run For Your Wife as well as its sequel, Caught in the Net throughout the summer, and Miners Alley Playhouse has brought to the stage Cooney's sexy farce Not Now, Darling (co-written with John Chapman.) The latter I had the great fortune of seeing tonight.
Darling is a prime example of the sort of razor-sharp British comedy that I so covet, and Miners Alley's production is absolutely spot-on with its mistaken identity, bawdy situations, scantily-clad women, and escalating comic peril. (Yes, Norman, I said "scantily-clad women." Go on your mother's bridge night.)
It's lots of fun, and there are great performances all-around, though, Christian Mast does manage to steal a few scenes as the unforgettable Arnold Crouch.
This one gets a high recommendation from me, piglets. It's very funny and very sexy. Enjoy!
(A word of advice: get there early and sit in the center section. The side seats are somewhat obstructed by two pillars that are there to, you know, hold up the ceiling.)

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