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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shining a Light on Jim Hutchison

Jim Hutchison is a lighting designer and tech with many years' experience in the entertainment lighting industry who recently moved to the Denver area.
More importantly, he is a frequenter of my blog, so I wanted to direct you all to his blog Jim On Light, which is, to use Jim's own words, "a blog about light - lighting, light and art, lighting devices, lighting control, lighting fixtures, lighting concepts, and anything else that deals with light as its medium."
We have a lot of really great designers here in the Denver area (Jen Orf's design for PHAMALY's Steel Magnolias is particularly impressive), but I think it's great to have a fresh perspective from another area come into town. There is a tendency to stay with the known and reliable for reasons of comfort, but, like any form of design, new faces are important to the local industry. Jim, of course, has a lengthy resume that should help assuage any concerns as well. And, again, he does read my blog.
I hope that you will stop in at his blog, and, if you're in need of a designer, reach out for his perspective.
Welcome, Jim. I hope you like our little city.

1 comment:

jimmy the LD said...

Thanks! It's a beautiful city... :D