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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finding Lola

Lola, beloved companion of actress Rita Broderick (currently starring in Home at Germinal Stage) and resident of the Denver Victorian Theatre, wandered off over the fourth of July weekend leaving Rita and all of her friends (myself included) quite distraught over the whereabouts of the little Shih-Poo.
Not wishing to draw out suspense, Lola and Rita were reunited after the holiday. A pair of pet-lovers had found the little dog and took her to a place where they knew she would be safe: the MaxFund Shelter.
Happy that my friend and her puppy are together again, I decided that I would devote a little chunk of my cyberspace to talking about the MaxFund Shelter.
Max was the name of a dog taken in and cared for by veterinarian Dr. Bill Suro and his wife Nanci. Another shelter was about to euthanize the dog, in need of expensive orthopedic surgery. The community surrounding the Suro's practice banded together and raised enough money (and then some) to take care of the Max's needs. Max was then adopted by a loving family.
Following in the footpads of this big, loveable dog and the happy ending to his story, the MaxFund organization was created in 1989.
The MaxFund shelter is a No-Kill Shelter. No-Kill is an all-encompassing philosophy of how to deal with pet abuse, pet overpopulation, etc.
At times controversial and fiercely debated, the No-Kill way of thinking is grand endeavour, requiring community support in terms of advocacy, volunteerism, and , of course, money.
As any of us in the arts community know, grand endeavours are about worthiness more than practicality. (May we never live in a world ruled by "practicality.")
Take a few moments today, if you would, to look at the MaxFund website, to learn their story, and to meet a few of their (we hope) temporary residents.
I thank you, and Lola thanks you.

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Mary said...

Hi Brady,

Thought you might wanna know....The owner of the rental mgmt company for my apartment told me he wanted to make a donation to any animal organization of my choice in Rosie's honor. Without hesitation I asked that he make the donation to the MaxFund. So he is making a donation to them in the amount of $500 in Rosie's name. I'm beginning to lose count of all the silver linings and blessings that seem to be popping up as a result of that horrible day.

--Mary McGroary