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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still Waiting

Okay, looks like my surprise is going to require another day. If I don't have what I need by tomorrow evening, then I will proceed without it.
Hey, here's an idea:
Go out and see a show tonight!
I had some time to hang out with Brian Kusic today, a very gifted young actor who is currently appearing in Vintage Theatre's The Violet Hour. We talked about acting and theatre and about the skillful direction of Stacey Nelms on this production. I was already planning to see it because another very talented young actor and good friend Benjamin Cowhick is also in the production, but, after talking to Brian today, I am all the more excited to get to the show as soon as I can. For me, that's next weekend, but I encourage the rest of you (well, sixty-five of you) to catch this production tonight if you can.
Tonight I will be in Maycomb. Tomorrow, I'm off to Verona. (I wonder if I can count these toward my frequent flyer miles?)

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