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Friday, June 25, 2010

Brand New Day

Okay, remember when I said in that last entry "Now, don't get excited. I'm not starting up the blog again . . ."?
Well, never mind.
Here's what has happened:
I've been enjoying not being tied to this blog or its original intent or all of the baggage that came with my writing it. I've been keeping myself entertained and finding an outlet for myself via my Twitter account: badwolf1013.
I'm still doing my daily tweets and sharing links to things that I find of interest, and, frankly, getting a lot more interaction than I ever was with this blog.
What I found, though, was that sometimes I wanted to say a little more than 140 characters about a charity that I had picked for Save-The-World Saturday or a movie I'd chosen for Film Buff Friday.
I even came across a couple of Twitter tools that would allow me to write longer entries that could be hosted and linked to if I wanted. I thought, "Well, that's silly. Why wouldn't you just start a blog?"In fact, I even got to thinking about starting a new blog myself - just in support of my Twitter account.
This morning I hit upon an idea.
Why not take the established blog and re-make it to fit my new web presence?
All of the old entries would be there for the folks who want to read them, but I could proceed with this blog without feeling constrained by the original purpose.
To that end, I have given the old page a new look and a new description, and I find that I am actually excited about maintaining a blog again.
I'll still sometimes write about theatre, of course, as that is a big part of my life. I'll just be doing it from a new perspective and with a wider audience in mind.
I still plan to guest blog on other sites like Bonzuko, and I believe that I will still be starting a new kind of a blog around the first of the year as planned. (What will happen to this blog at that point remains to be seen.)
For now, though, I am resurrecting this blog from its short rest.
Now, I highly recommend that - to get the most out of this blog - you join the conversation in the Twitterverse, but you will be able to see my 5 most recent tweets in the feed to the right at any given point.
And, if you're one of those people who says, "Twitter? I don't get it. That just seems silly," well, know that I once said the exact same thing - until I tried it.
Whether you choose to follow me on Twitter or just come lurk on this page, though, I am happy to say that there will, after all, be reason again to come knocking on the door of the Big Bad Wolf.

(Okay, so technically it was the wolf knocking on the pigs' or Grandmother's doors, but I was going for a big finish.)

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