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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tune: Goodbye, Big Dog

My brother's St. Bernard, Coltrane passed away late last week. He was a much-beloved character around Durango, Colorado, and rightly so as his considerable size (around 185 lbs in his prime) was about 80% personality.
Coltrane would have been eleven years old come September, and since the life expectancy of a dog his size was about eight years, my brother has regarded the additional years with Coltrane as a gift.
My brother told me this morning that Coltrane spent his last weeks of life actively, even accompanying my brother on one last camping trip where, one morning, my brother awoke to find Coltrane being "serenaded" by a big bull elk.
My brother named Coltrane after one of his favorite jazz musicians, John Coltrane, and - like his namesake - the big dog was often referred to as simply "Trane."
He was a very good dog, and my I would like to remember him this morning with this John Coltrane arrangement of "My Favorite Things."

Good boy, Coltrane. Good boy.

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