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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Save the World Saturday: Project Angel Heart

Okay, let's get right into the swing of things here today with an organization located right here in Denver, Colorado: Project Angel Heart.
Now, in addition to having a pretty cool name, Project Angel Heart does one of the best things one human being can do for another: provide food.
There are a lot of people in this country who are too ill to be able to cook for themselves. With medical bills piling up, they can hardly pay someone else to do it for them. For those who have family members, few have family who can afford to take off time from work to come do the cooking.
For people in the Denver and Colorado Springs area, that's where Project Angel Heart comes in. Over eight hundred clients every week are served meals by the hard-working staff of Project Angel Heart.
Eight hundred. At no charge to the client. That's a lot of tater tots, cherubs.
I'm kidding about the tater tots (though, I know when I'm not feeling well, I want tater tots), because Project Angel Heart actually provides highly nutritious meals, with 2/3rds of the meals each day modified for the specific dietary needs of the individual client. Did I mention that these meals are provided at no charge?
Clients also get a birthday cake and a handmade birthday card on the week of their birthday. This goes beyond just feeding people.
Is it any wonder that Project Angel Heart was named Non-Profit of the Year by the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce?
Now, here's a story that caught my attention recently: a couple of weeks ago, the walk-in freezer at Project Angel Heart headquarters went on the fritz. About $7,000 worth of food (along with another $7,000 worth of staff time) was about to go to waste. Sysco Denver came to the rescue within a couple of hours with a freezer truck to store all of the food. Way to go Sysco!
Sometimes even angels need angels.
Do you want to know how you can be an angel for Project Angel Heart (and, by extension, over 800 people in the greater Denver area)?
Yeah, I figured you did. Well, get your clicker-finger ready and click . . . here.
Project Angel Heart also does a number of cool events around town, which you can read about right here.
Here's a video made by Denver's Channel 9 News a few years ago:

Okay, seriously, what are you still doing here reading this? Project Angel Heart. Link it, tweet it, tell your friends. Good people doing good things.

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