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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Last Tuesday Tutorial (Probably)

Ever since my hardware-imposed break from the internet a week or so ago, I've been thinking about how I would like to institute an "internet-free" day for myself each week.
I'm not sure just exactly how well I will be able to stick to it, but it seems that the first step is to figure out which day of my daily blog I would like to give up in the interest of going internet-free for the day.
Well, here's my thinking: I spend more time trying to pick an appropriate topic for the Tuesday Tutorial than I do any other. The thing is, if you want to know how to do something, you'll look it up on the internet. While the subject of my other daily blogs might inspire you to rent a particular movie, buy a particular cast album or play, or donate to a particular cause, it's very unlikely that my posting a video on how to change a flat tire will inspire you to go let the air out of your SUV tire and practice taking it on and off.
So that made the decision pretty easy. Starting next Tuesday, I am going to make Tuesdays my internet-free day - with necessary exceptions, obviously. The internet is a tool as well. I can't very well not work on my car if there's a problem because I've instituted a "wrench-free" day, can I?
So, anyway, here is today's tutorial:

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