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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There and Back Again

Due to the generosity of some good friends, I'm back online with a loaner iBook until I can fully resolve my hardware issues.
To be perfectly honest, I have been online for a couple of days now, but, well, I decided to savor the quiet for a couple more days.
It's amazing how much of a time suck the internet can be, and it took something like a major hard drive failure to wake me up to that.
So, what did I do with my little "vacation" from the internet? Well, let's see . . . I read a couple of books, I went for a quite a few walks, I went for a couple of early morning drives listening to the Mills Brothers, I knocked several movies off of my "to watch" list, I met an acquaintance in person whom I'd only known via Twitter. (Nice to meet you @ampersandwich.) I watched the first series of Blackpool with friends I'd not seen in a good long while. I even caught up with some of my relatives. Turns out I have a niece who's really into the Cure, another who's begun to dabble in film-making, and a nephew who is just starting to learn the finer points stage combat. I scored lots of "cool uncle points" for being able to speak knowledgeably about all three subjects. I even went to the zoo and saw the baby animals: 4 tiger cubs, a sea lion pup, a baby orangutan, and two giraffe "toddlers."
So, while I'm glad to be able to get back on the internet, I'm definitely planning to make better use of my off-line time as well.
I'll keep posting on my blog, of course. I know I don't have a huge readership, but it's my little corner of the internet, and I like to decorate it.
So, look for the Tuesday Tutorial later today, and I hope you will all keep coming back.

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