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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Save-the-World Saturday: High Flying Adored

There is nothing quite as wonderful the sight of a great bird in flight overhead - well, unless you're a fieldmouse. . . or a lhasa apso. In Colorado, we get to see a lot of them: eagles, owls, falcons, hawks, and more.
Unfortunately, as is often the case, the expansion of "civilization" continues to impede upon the habitat of our feathered friends. Many are hit by cars or suffer other injuries as a result of encounters with man.
Sometimes kind souls find these injured birds and bring them to the Birds of Prey Foundation in Broomfield, Colorado where they are cared for, and, as often as possible, reintroduced to the wild.
I was fortunate enough to see a fully-recuperated golden eagle released into the wild near Keystone a few years back. It is not something I will soon forget.
Birds of Prey is a nonprofit, and relies upon donations, memberships, and patronage at the Birds of Prey Thrift Shoppe to continue their good and kind work. Check them out.

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Ekwoman said...

Up here in Westminster, we have an albino red-tailed hawk. Everyone in the area knows where she sits and watches for mice, prairie dogs, etc. A couple of years back, we realized we hadn't seen her for a while...and we were worried. Then I read a story in our local paper. She had been struck by a golf ball from the golf course she roosts above...with a broken wing. She was taken to Birds of Prey. A few months later, we looked up near her favorite perch (like we do every time we drive by) and there she was! We were so excited to see her...and we're glad to have B of P around for "our birds" that we get attached to.