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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday: Driven

I don't really consider myself a "car guy," mostly because I have known some real "car guys" and my affection for the automobile barely even hints at their adoration for all things motorized.
Still, I am definitely hooked on the BBC program Top Gear. It's informative and a lot more fun than most TV shows I've seen about cars. It's also not everyday that you get to see a Ford Fiesta "road-tested" in a shopping mall. That was pretty cool.
Now, I can already hear you out there:
"But, Wolfster, it's Wednesday! You're supposed to post videos of animal babies and lecture us about conservation!"
Okay, two things:
First, don't call me "Wolfster." I hate that.
Second, wait for it.
On a recent episode of Top Gear, James May road-tested a car that he referred to as being the most important car for 100 years. Why? Well, we'll get to that in a moment, but here's a hint: this car is a big deal for little guys like Tazo - the baby sea otter at the New York Aquarium - and others of his species.
Cue cute video:

You see, the greatest threat to the endangered sea otter - even over poaching - is oil spills. When oil gets on a sea otter's coat, it loses the ability to repel water and keep itself insulated. Many otters freeze to death after an oil spill. Got it?
Okay, back to the car.
The car is the Honda FCX Clarity.
It is a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) powered by hydrogen, not gas - or "petrol" as James puts it.
Tazo thanks you.
Now, I'm not going to start hawking cars here, and I can tell you that the Honda corporation is in no way compensating me for writing about the Clarity here on my blog. (Though, if anyone from Honda is reading this, let me just say that I'm open to the idea.)
I'm writing about the Clarity because I like sea otters, and seals, and sea lions, and seagulls, and clean water, and clean air (by the way, the Clarity has zero emissions as well), and I want to bring attention to a vehicle that just might help save the planet from humanity's present over-reliance on fossil fuels.
The Honda Clarity and the cars like it can be a major step in solving a number of financial, political, cultural, and environmental issues surrounding mankind's oil addiction.
You can watch the road test at the Top Gear site.
Also, I found the video and pics of Tazo at the website, and Tazo himself was rescued and originally cared for by the Alaska SeaLife Center.

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