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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday Superhero: Sequential Art

If you visited the Google page today you saw a very cool graphic doodle celebrating what would be the 94th birthday of one of the greatest comic book storytellers who ever lived: Will Eisner. However, Eisner was not fond of the terminology "comic book" as he felt that it conjured silly stories and comical situations. Eisner's artwork and storytelling style was far from silly and comical.
He preferred the term "sequential art."
Here is a brief segment from a documentary about the comic book industry from a couple of decades ago. It features an interview with Eisner himself:

If your interest is piqued, be sure to visit to learn more about this prolific artist.
Eisner's most famous creation is the mysterious Spirit, a hard-boiled masked vigilante who fought crime and a wide array of colorful villains. The recent live-action film directed by Frank Miller (a contemporary comic book legend himself) was done with great affection, but really fell short of the magic of the Eisner Spirit stories. I recommend visiting your local library or comic book store to experience the ink on the page.

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