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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Save the World Saturday: Dame Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

My mother asked me this morning why I did not write about Elizabeth Taylor on my blog yet. Well, the answer is two-fold:
First, even though I am a fan of classic movies, I couldn't think of any obscure gems to share on my Friday Film Buff blog. Taylor's best work in film is pretty well-known. Second, I was waiting until Save the World Saturday to highlight Dame Elizabeth as most of my generation has come to know her: a crusader against AIDS.
Here she is speaking with Larry King in 1996.

Taylor was the Founding National Chairman for amfAR (The American Federation for AIDS Research).

The Elizabeth Taylor Foundation was founded in 1991 to provide support for individuals living with AIDS.
She was a woman of class, intelligence, courage, and the best kind of beauty. She is missed.

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