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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday: Tough Old Bird

As I have viewed the devastation and tragedy as a result of the tsunami in Japan, my thoughts have at time -particularly on Wednesdays moved to the impact of the disaster on the wildlife of the Pacific Ocean. Wildlife experts are still surveying the damage, but I do have one bit of good news to report: Wisdom has survived.
Wisdom has probably raised 30-35 chicks in her lifetime - four in the last 4 years.
(Most albatross take a year off between nestings, but Wisdom has taken no breaks
since 2007!)
Wisdom is the oldest known bird living in the wild. Over 60 years old, the Laysan Albatross was in the news earlier this month for becoming a mother again at the Midway Atoll wildlife refuge.
Recent reports are that mother and chick are doing just fine.

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