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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday: Under Fire

As the Wallow Fire is now larger in size than the city of Phoenix, I have been wondering about the impact on the Arizona wildlife in the Apache Forest area. I, by no means, wish to diminish the human loss to this fire in person and property, it's just that, well, it's Wednesday, and on Wednesday I write about wildlife.
Here is an excellent eHow article about the impact of a forest fire on wildlife in general. Larger mammals and birds can usually outrun the flames, but smaller animals - whose instinct is to burrow when danger arises - may not be able escape the heat and smoke. The after effects of a fire are, of course, largely negative. Loss of habitat is good for neither flora nor fauna, but there are some species that can flourish on the charred remains of trees, such as hares and beetles.
I don't have much else I can offer here. Until the fire is contained, rehabilitation of the habitat is still a way off, I'm afraid.
I wish much luck to the firefighters and the people of Arizona, and to any little critters who read my blog: run, fly, swim as fast as you can.

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