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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Gabby Krause Foundation and Bags of Fun

The jolly workshop elves over at Pterodactyl Ptoys sent me an e-mail about the Gabby Krause Foundation which managed to tug a bit even at this old wolf's frozen heart-strings. It seems that there was a beautiful young lady who made a big difference in her less than seven years on this earth named Gabby Krause. Gabby had a backpack full of toys and activities (a "bag of fun") to keep her entertained and occupied during her frequent and long hospital stays. Now this big-hearted kid made a habit of always sharing her toys with the other kids in the hospital to the great appreciation and delight of the other families there. (She apparently also loved to tell bad jokes, which, I must say, endears her greatly to me.)
Gabby is no longer with us, but her generous spirit lives on in the foundation that bears her name and fulfills Gabby's wish to provide a Bag of Fun to every child who has to stay in a hospital because of cancer or other long-term illnesses.
If this sounds like as cool an idea to you as it did to me, drop in at the Gabby Krause Foundation website to learn more.

In other news, April 5th is a big day for the Wolf as it marks the birth date of two very important people in my life. My younger, smarter, and more handsome brother, Damon Darnell, turns 30 years old today. Happy Birthday, little brother, and sorry again about that incident with the lawn dart. Also celebrating a birthday today is my life-long friend and adopted brother, Jeff Jefferson, Jr., who is one of the disturbed minds behind my lupine sobriquet. Hope it's a happy one, JR, and go easy on the cake.

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Ali said...

When I was a kid in the hospital, there was a girl like Gabby who happened to be my roommate the first night I was there. She was so great because she was experienced with the whole hospital thing and was able to see scared little me and make me feel better. And she shared her toys and encouraged me to join the group activities when I was healthy enough to.

Thank you for reminding me of her.