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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hungry Like the Wolf: Mike O'Shay's

I was up north this weekend taking in a show. (Talented cast. Really rough production. I'm not going to give it a recommendation, but I may go see a performance later in the run to see if some of the "bugs" have been worked out.) Anyway, I stopped by a great little restaurant for dinner before the show.
Mike O'Shay's is a cozy little pub located on historic Main Street in Longmont. My companions and I started with the artichoke dip with toasted sourdough bread. We enjoyed it so much that we had to order more bread.
I had the Shepherd's Pie for my entree, which I loved (!!!), with a side of beet bisque, which had a unique flavor that was a bit surprising at first, but definitely grew on me. I would absolutely order it again. My friend Ali had the French Onion Soup. She really liked it, and I think that I will have that myself the next time I'm there. Billie Jo was less than thrilled with her Broiled Salmon Sandwich, which she described as "dry." However, in defense of the sandwich, it comes with a cucumber dill sauce that she elected to omit. Also, Billie Jo is a highly selective gourmet, which, where I'm from, we call a "picky eater." She did say that she enjoyed her fries, which, for Billie Jo, is actually the main part of any entree.
All in all, it's a restaurant I will happily visit again, perhaps on the night when I give a "second chance" to a show that may have opened about a week earlier than it was ready.

Many of you have let me know that you've been sending birthday cards to Shane, to which I usually respond, "Cool. Send another," which probably isn't the most appreciative response, I know. Let me take this opportunity to try again: "Cool. Send two more cards."
There I go again. I'll work on it.

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