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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Take Me To Another Place, Take Me To Another Land"

Okay, points for recognizing the song lyrics above. (Hint: the song title is mentioned below somewhere.)

Apparently, a touring production of Romeo and Juliet performed by a Toronto theatre company as written by  Shakespeare (oh, those crazy canucks) was a bit too racy for some of the folk in Nashville, Tennessee. (ahem.)
These people found some of the 16th century text a bit too bawdy for their liking and sent a letter to the company with suggested "revisions."
I am happy to say that the company, Toronto's Classical Theatre Project, elected to go ahead and present the play sans revision. (I knew I liked Toronto.)
Now, since I doubt that the offended parties are a true representation of the citizenry of Nashville, I am going to refrain from making any stereotypical jokes.
In fact, here is a short list of some of the jokes I will not be making here on this blog:

1. The company refused to change any lines, but compromised by adding a banjo and a washboard to the orchestra.

2. Next year's planned production of The Revenuer of Venice has been scrapped.

And, of course,

3. Should've just told 'em Romeo and Juliet were cousins.

None of those jokes will be appearing on this blog.

Ahhhh, I do not bite my thumb at thee, Nashville, I do but bite my thumb.


ali said...

oh, you kill me with those jokes that you didn't make!

(I love Nashville theatre. But you know this already.)

kev said...

Since I lived and worked in Nashville I should be offended. Nashville is a very cosmopoltan city, bringing together a plualistic group of artists, businesses, and culture......ah who am I kidding...

Kendall said...

And yet television's shiniest "pearls" like "The Batchelor" and "America's Got Idiots" are #1 in the ratings there...

I LOVE the jokes you didn't tell! I wish you wouldn't tell more!