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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twitter Updates

I stopped doing the Daily Twitter updates for a little while as well, because, frankly, some of them were feeling a bit like a chore, so after a revisit to the old drawing board, the Big Bad Wolf Daily Tweets are back starting today.
Here's the rundown:
Wildlife Wednesday and Save-the-World Saturday are staying as they were. You all know how I like my animals and I like my causes.
Mondays will now be for the Monday Motivator: a little something to kick off each new week. The music is moving back a day for the Tuesday Tune. Rather than finding a new local band every week, I'm just going to pick a single tune to share. Sometimes it will be from a local artist, sometimes not. Basically, it's a little easier on me (and it frees me up to feature Danielle Ate the Sandwich even more than I already do.)
I'm changing Thankful Thursday to Theatre Thursday. I'm not giving up on being thankful, mind you, I just think that gratitude is really a personal thing, and the way things were headed, you'd have soon heard me expressing my supreme gratitude for Eliza Dushku's pilates instructor. Nobody needs to read that. (But, hey, who's with me?)
What will Theatre Thursday be, given that this blog is already primarily devoted to the life theatrical? I don't know yet. I'm going to play around with it a bit and see.
Friday will now be Film Buff Friday. I've seen a lot of movies, and it's time I shared my obsession with the world.
Spiritual Sunday will now be Surprise Sunday. Again, I'm not abandoning the importance of spirituality in our earth-bound existence, but I do think that spirituality has a universal quality. Whether it's being offered by Bishop John Shelby Spong, Ghandi, Wayne Dyer, or someone else, the message is pretty much the same. Hint: if you've ever found yourself on a street corner holding a sign that says, "God Hates (whatever)," you aren't getting the message.
Also, spirituality, like gratitude, is really a personal thing, so I have decided to leave Sunday as something of a wild card that can become an occasional home for how-to vids, a pearl of wisdom or two from Dr. Dyer, or even someone getting hit in the face with a soccer ball - pretty much whatever I feel like.
So, here's the line up:
Sunday Surprise
Monday Motivator
Tuesday Tune
Wildlife Wednesday
Theatre Thursday
Film Buff Friday
Save-The-World Saturday

Hey, if you like my blog, follow me on Twitter to be notified of blog updates and to see how the new Daily Tweets will play out going forward.

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Kendall said...

Don't forget to give yourself a day off now and then or you'll end up being "Bitchy Brady"...

That's not a pretty sight...