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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Save the World Saturday: World Wildlife Fund

With the latest tragic news out of South Africa about the last rhinoceros on a wild game reserve being killed brutally for her horn (warning: graphic image accompanies the article), I thought it best to focus my attention this week on one of my favorite organizations: the World Wildlife Fund or WWF for short.
For approaching 50 years, the WWF has been fighting to preserve the future of wildlife all over the globe.
WWF has a very impressive website as one of its goals is to provide education about the many different species on the planet and the threats that the flora and fauna of our world face - primarily from us.
Here is the WWF page on the rhino.
Now, my Wildlife Wednesday blog entry this week was - purely by coincidence - about a baby rhino born in a zoo in Switzerland. Unfortunately, zoos are one of the few places anymore where a baby rhino has much chance of survival in the world at all. WWF is working to change that, and you can help them by lending your support.
Never one to shy away from manipulation, I now offer you two videos of - you guessed it - baby rhinos.

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