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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Shake, Rattle & Roll

Season 7 winner Lauren Froderman
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm already lamenting the fact that there won't be a new episode of So You Think You Can Dance this week. I've been watching since season two, and I am a big fan of the show. Where I grew up, the opportunities to become involved in dance (particularly for a guy) were very rare, so the affection for dance as an art form came a bit later for me. As a director, I am known for working extra dance and movement into a musical production (much to the chagrin of a few producers). I just think that some feelings or conflicts are expressed better physically. As a species, we had movement before we had words, and our most visceral experiences are still difficult to fully express verbally.
I get very excited at the beginning of every new season of SYTYCD (and not just because of the lovely and amazing host, Cat Deeley), because it's a whole new slew of ebullient and talented hopefuls vying for a spot on the show.
The incredible Allison Holker
(I do wish that the producers spent a little less time in the preliminaries letting the cameras mock the enthusiastically clueless, but I suppose that's all part of the ratings.)
Like the contestants, I am anxious to get to Hollywood where we will be treated to the inspired choreography of Mandy Moore,  Stacey Tookey, "Nappytabs", former contestant Travis Wall,  Tyce Diorio, and, my current favorite, Sonya Tayeh. Week after week I am moved by the creativity of the choreographers, by the skill and the aspiration of the dancers, and by the great fondness shared among the audience, the judges, and everyone else involved for this artful expression known as dance.
Very rarely does my favorite dancer of the season take the top honors, but this time she did. Congratulations, Lauren! It was also nice this season to have my all-time favorite contestant Allison Holker back on the show dancing as an all-star.
Anyway, I thought today's tutorial should be a short dance lesson. Enjoy!

How To Swing Dance on Howcast

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