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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Save the World Saturday: The Missing Piece

Right on the front page of the Autism Speaks website, the numbers are there:
1 IN 70 BOYS

That's an increase. Odds are that you know at least one family that has a child with autism. More and more children are affected by this mysterious affliction that has been described with the analogy of a missing puzzle piece.

The cause of autism is also a puzzle. There have been quite a few theories, many of which have been proven wrong, and researchers are still searching for an answer.
Now, I am aware that Autism Speaks has been the subject of some controversy for its ads and more. Well, autism is a hot-button issue, and one that is very close to home for many people. What I know is that Autism Speaks is one of the most powerful nonprofits in the field and spent over 30 million dollars on its programs in 2009.
Nevertheless, I will list a couple more NPOs with Autism research as part of their mission:
The Autism Research Institute
The Organization for Autism Research

As always, I recommend doing your own research on a charity before deciding to lend it your support. Not all charities are created equal. is my favorite resource for this.
However, let's get back on topic. April is Autism Awareness Month, and I'm here to raise your awareness. What raised my own awareness first was this poignant short film, Autism Every Day:

What more could I possibly add to that? We've got to get to the bottom of this. We've got to find a cure.

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