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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Superhero Sunday: Up, Up, and Straight A's

I was talking with my good friend Jeff Gamet yesterday, and he told me about some very interesting people he had met earlier at the Denver Comicfest earlier that day. Okay, I'll grant you, "interesting" can be applied to most of the folks at these conventions in multiple senses of the word. However, these folks are interesting in that not only are they comic book nerds (my people!), but they are also using their love of comic books to help kids improve their literacy and get excited about learning.
5280 Comic Book Classroom was founded last year in Denver as an after-school comic book education program where not only will kids improve their reading and language skills, but they will also learn to create their own comic books.
I think this is such a great idea for getting kids excited about learning that I decided that my Sunday Superheroes this week would be the superhero team behind 5280 Comic Book Classroom.
Check them out!

These "mash-ups" are by graphic artist Ryan Dunlavey. They seemed an
appropriate illustration for today's topic. Aren't they cool?

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