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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Better to Hear You With, My Dear 1/23

Keb' Mo' - Keb' Mo'

I'm a big fan of Keb' Mo' and his upbeat, country blues sound. His self-titled debut from 1994 is probably not his best work nor should it be -- this was his debut album, as I said. Still, the ironic humor is there. ("Kindhearted Woman Blues") The laid-back Sunday morning feel is there. ("Victims of Comfort") And, of course, the innovative guitar-playing is there. (The whole album.) This may not be the best Keb' Mo' album out there, but it's still one of the better contemporary blues albums you can buy.

Actually, though, I've been primarily listening to the radio this last week. In particular, 99.5 FM KQMT (The Mountain) and 102.3 FM KCUV. Both of these radio stations offer a fine mix of contemporary and classic adult rock, local music, and some eclectic gems that are rarely heard over the airwaves. (And they're pretty stingy about commercials.)

Oh, and as long as you're surfing, check out this panda video.

1 comment:

Robbie said...

Nice to have you listening to KQMT!

I'm a frequent reader of your blog, former Denver theatre warrior and now DJ at KQMT.

Thanks for the endorsement! We'll keep the music coming.

Robbie Knight