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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Visit to a small town

As many of you may know PHAMALy will be presenting its first non-musical production, Our Town, opening this Friday at the Aurora Fox Theatre.
Given my propensity for walking softly (sometimes with big stick, sometimes without) and my fondness for wearing black, I have been able to sneak backstage and witness a few rehearsals first-hand. (Restraining orders be damned.)
Looks good. Leonard Barrett brings his familiar, commanding presence to the role of the Stage Manager, but the true highlight of this show is the sublime performance of Regan Linton as the iconic Emily Webb. This is not in taking away from the ensemble's ability to bring the guileless world of Grover's Corners brilliantly to life in PHAMALy's inimitable way under the "Starsky and Hutch" direction of Steve Wilson and Nick Sugar.
This is my first theatre recommendation of 2007, my red-hooded cherubs. I know you will not be disappointed. Get your tickets soon.