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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dog Sees God, a singular experience

I was going to write a lengthy recommendation of The Avenue Theater's production of Dog Sees God here, but, if you go to the Avenue's website you'll see links to reviews by David Marlowe and John Moore who've both said pretty much all that I would have. (As usual, though, I do take issue with a couple of John's observations. See if you can guess which ones. Hey, don't get me wrong, I like John, we just aren't always on the same page.)
If I could add just one thing to what these gentlemen have said it would be this:
The experience created by by The Avenue Theater's production of Dog Sees God cannot be replicated on T.V. or on film. The laughter, surprise, tears, and anger are not merely presented to the audience but shared with them. My friend, actress Murphy Funkhouser, was down from Summit County to see the show, and could not help but to exclaim gleefully, "I knew it!" at a particularly pivotal point in the action. (Murphy's a hoot. More on what she's up to in a moment.)
This play, at the Avenue and around the country, will no doubt continue to garner a cult following. Eventually, someone may try to make it into a film. They will not be able to re-capture the experience. Even if they cast original Off-Broadway cast members America Ferrara and Eliza Dushku (darlings of T.V. and movies), the full intimacy of the performances will be lost.
Hey, I like a good movie or a good T.V. show (rare as they are) as much as anybody, but if you're not including live theatre in your entertainment regimen, you're really missing out.
Why not go see Dog Sees God? You'll get your money's worth. By the way, you'd better hurry. It closes June 9th.
Other shows to catch this summer:

Empire Lyric Players are presenting The Mikado through June 10th at the Schwayder.
THAC's My Fair Lady, featuring David Ambroson and Chris Boeckx runs through June 24th.
Lobby Hero, directed by Terry
Dodd, runs through June 17th at Miner's Alley Playhouse.
Spotlight Theatre Company will open Run for Your Wife by Ray Cooney (directed by Pat Payne and featuring Bernie Cardell and the lovely Haley Johnson) June 9 and run through June 30. Spotlight will follow Wife with its sequel, Caught In the Net, featuring the same cast July 12-August 4th.
Performance Now's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat runs June 22- July 1st at the Lakewood Cultural Center. (This one is selling fast.)
The Backstage Theatre in Breckenridge will be running two shows in rep: Murphy Funkhouser's one-woman show Crazy Bag and Smell of the Kill, starring no less than Trina Magness, Jacquelyn Lies, and Mare Trevathan.
Lots to see and do this summer. Don't just "veg out" on the couch watching According to Jim reruns.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind recomendation Brady. We at the Avenue - and me personally as a theater professional - appreciate your efforts to get the word out!

Hope you are well,

Murphy said...

Hey. I just found chance...HILARIOUS! Awesome! And thanks for the "Crazy Bag" props!